The college library is well equipped with 3000 books for academic, religious; and entertainment. The library subscribes to several Indian magazines, journals and other literatures for the benefit of the students. Teachers and students use the library for reference to their project work and preparing teaching aids. The library is updated with latest arrivals from time to time. Library room is spacious, airy and well ventilated. It remains open during working days from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm which make the students to avail optimum use of library.


For science students, college has a physics lab which is equipped with all apparatus or equipment’s as per the requirement of the; Degree Level Syllabus. Computer Labs are fitted with number of computers with all other accessories and internet facility too. Latest software has been purchased for teaching computers to commerce students and to the students of B.Sc. Computer science. Assistance in teaching computer is also provided through the commuter lab in adjacent polytechnic, where expertise in computer education is easily available. In addition to the above labs, college also have a Home Science lab equipped 3 gas connections, electrical gadgets like Mixi, OTG, Microwave oven, Sewing machines etc. There are two music rooms one for vocal and one for instrumental branch. These are equipped with requisite musical instruments. By imparting education in music we offer opportunities to create, recreate and appreciate Musical, and dance expression. Students are made to learn singing as well as playing simple musical instruments. The college arranges much cultural competition to bring out the hidden talents among the students.


College also provides hostel facilities to outstation students. Hostel affairs are very well looked after by an experienced Hostel warden. The hostel mess is run on cooperative basis. Hostel rooms are airy and an academic atmosphere is maintained in the hostel.


A cafeteria is available in the college premises. The college stresses on hygiene and ensure that cafeteria is clean and hygienic. The college promotes vegetarianism. The students have choice only in vegetarian food. The food and snacks are nutritious.


College has a fleet of 15 buses for providing transport facility to the students coming from distant remote area. About 400 students daily commute. A recreation room has been set up for the boarders, where they are free to use facilities during their free time. There recreation room has a television, music system, video player.