Cleanliness is important for health & safety. Maintaining a clean college environment sets a good example for students. It encourages learners to take pride in their college, which makes them less likely to drop litter and as such, potentially make bigger efforts to maintain their environment.

At SNRL Jairam Girls College we strive to create a model of education that is based on compassion and mindful living. The green campus initiative began with the objective of fostering a culture of eco-friendly practice and making the campus environmentally sustainable. Our aim is to develop a plastic-free campus, produce minimal waste, conserve energy, protect biodiversity, and practice self-sustainability in areas of power, water, and cleanliness. This is the collective endeavor of our staff, students and neighboring community. The college considers following objectives as well:

  1. Eco-campus by planting more trees.
  2. Efficient use of available water.
  3. Proper waste management.
  4. Planting and maintaining trees.
  5. To accept Clean Production Concept.
  6. To protect everyone from diseases that result from uncleanliness.
  7. To protect and conserve ecological systems and resources within the campus
  8. To integrate environmental concern into policies, plans and programs for social development and outreach activities.