Our college focuses keenly on the holistic development of students and provides them with every opportunity and resource to facilitate their holistic development. This is one of the most distinctive features of our college of which the the details are given below:

With an objective to uplift the rural women, Seth Navrang Rai Lohia Jairam Girls College, Lohar Majra was established on 17 July, 2001 under the aegis of Shri Jairam Vidyapeeth by the great visionary, philosopher and social worker late Shri Devendra Swaroop Ji Maharaj with his disciple Sh. Brahm Swaroop Ji Maharaj. This college is providing quality education to girls from rural areas to achieve women empowerment. The vision of the college is to bridge the rural-urban gap by providing high quality higher education at a lower cost to girls students from the socio-economically weaker sections of the surrounding areas. Students are one of the main pillars for the progress and development of any college. It is a matter of great pleasure that about 500 students from nearby villages come in this college to get education.  Our prime focus is to achieve the all-round personality development of students through student centric activities to prepare them for a better future and to make them responsible citizens of a global society.

In spite of being situated in the rural area, the college is performing well academically. It is very important for the overall progress and development of the college. With this view, the college has its own mission statement as we always try to function in a unique and innovative way from the other colleges. As far as our mission and vision is concerned, college always tries to implement the distinctiveness in its efforts. Our main aim is to bring the girls into the mainstream of higher education and to ensure the growth and development of their overall personality. Most of the students are from rural areas and from poor backgrounds, but they are not poor in talent, knowledge and humanity. So, the student centric activities at the institute are designed for achieving holistic development of the students. It has four components, namely, the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional developments.


Intellectual development is an important aspect of growth, embracing the various mental abilities of students. Our college implements university curriculum through well planned and effective teaching learning activities blended with all the initiatives to raise intellectual capabilities of students. The details are given below:

  • Qualified Faculty

We are very fortunate that the college has well qualified faculty members in various departments. Our faculty not only identify students’ talent but also encourage them as per our mission statement. The faculty of the college uses new and innovative teaching techniques to provide quality education to students. Hence, the students from rural and backward sections are very much benefited from the faculty members. This is our major focus which makes us distinct in the performance of the institution.

  • Value Added Courses and other Programes

The college is successfully running value added certificate courses’ for students. The college organizes international and national seminars, workshops and educational visits to boost the energy level and thought process of intellectuals.

  • Scholarships and Other Financial Assistances for Students

Scholarship and fee reimbursement facility is also provided by the college to the needy and meritorious students to encourage better education and career opportunities. College also facilitate financial assistance to student for cultural activities too with the aim that will opens doors for next generation cultural prodigies who are passion driven and full of unique creative abilities. That will help students to develop their talents in various cultural fields such as various forms of music, dance, drama as well as painting, sculpture, crafts and literary activities. The college also has a gym, equipped with modern amenities for the students, where the students are benefited without any fee.

  • Well-Equipped Infrastructure

The college has an adequate number of classrooms, computer labs, examination section, placement cell, women cell, environment cell, and career counselling cell and Red Cross to facilitate the curricular and extra-curricular activities. Thus, the college has made remarkable growth over the years in its infrastructure and facilities to cope with the changing scenario of higher education and modern demand in the context of globalization.

  • Smart Rooms and Use of ICT

The college has just added another feather in its cap by introducing ICT and smart rooms. The campus has Wi-Fi and this facility is also available to students.


The social skills are nurtured through various activities conducted by various departments and cells.

  • Cultural Activities

College periodically organized various cultural programs like Talent show, Farewell party, Fresher party, Diwali Mela etc. to motivate the students to show their hidden talent. Cultural department also provides them an opportunity to participate in various cultural competitions of the University and State level.

  • National Social Services (NSS)

National Social Services (NSS) units are also registered in the college to make the student self-reliant and develop leadership qualities.  200 students are registered in NSS. We are very proud to say that our NSS volunteers are real heroes of the nation. NSS volunteers got opportunities to take part in various government led community service activities & programmes. And this provides hands on experience to young students in delivering community service.


The college promotes physical activities among the students to cultivate many important skills such as physical fitness, team spirit, confidence, decision making, mental strength, etc. of the students. The Department of Physical Education and Yoga provides platform to  the students to actively participate in various games like Hockey, Water games, Wrestling, Cycling etc. at District level, State level,  National level.


Emotional health of the students is given apt attention at the institute. The mentor-mentee system is in place that ensures the students’ contact with faculty at least twice in every semester.  During these meetings, students can discuss their academics as well as personal problems with the faculty. Appropriate counseling is provided by the mentor-faculty to the students.