• Sports

Various types of sports facilities are provided to the students like a playground for different games, Gym, and a Yoga Hall for mental and physical fitness. With all these facilities our students became more competitive in sports and brought many laurels at District Level, State Level, and National Level. List of achievements is as follows:

Achievement in Sports and Games

  • Cultural Activities

As various cultural activities are organized by our college. Our students participate in various cultural competitions at the University level, State levels. Some of the achievements are listed below:

Achievement in Cultural Activities

  • Plans for Sustained Institutional Distinctiveness:

With a view to sustaining the distinctiveness of the holistic development adopted by college, the college has taken and is taking several pertinent steps in direction of contributing the intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of students of the college. Being the centre of intellectual enhancement, provides the student knowledge and wisdom beyond books. The college has adopted an approach where in extension lectures and seminars are conducted regularly. In addition to this various cell conducts activities like debates, declamation etc., which motivates the student to look at one topic through various perspective and thus develop an understanding more refined than before. While the establishment of the competition cell of the college is an effort towards preparing the students for competitive exam to enhance their intellectual development and helps them to take a step closer to their goals. The college also realizes that only studies are not sufficient. Therefore, Tours and Educational visits are also conducted. Activities like these not only add at the intellectual front, but also at social and emotional fronts as students learn about new places and culture and also feel rejuvenated.

The college plans on to keeping up with the tradition of conducting extension lectures, debates, declamation and organizing educational tours. To further the effort, the college is making efforts to start functional English and social work as additional subjects in graduation level. Alongside NCC is also being applied for at the front of physical development along with gym and yoga. Sports Nursery is also in pipeline.

The college is already working on project OXY Van (Oxygen Forests) and a park based on idea of creating best out of waste.